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Important Dates/Information for Fall 2022

Heat index

Practice is on for today September 13, 2022

Heat index and air quality are both safe for practice.

September 9th is Saxon Youth Football night at the Varsity football Game VS Sunset.  Our youth teams will enter free with their teams in their uniforms, cheer on the Saxons and all of our teams will be recognized at Half-time.  See your head coach for details.

Schedule for Tackle Football (scroll down for flag schedule)

RT Red Coach Fui
RT White Coach Jake
RT Blue Coach Steve
5/6 Red Coach Rosales
5/6 Blue Coach Horvath

Opening Day September 10 (all teams, all home games will be at SSHS) 


5/6 Blue VS McNary/Hill at McNary 11:00

RT Blue Vs Silverton/Risen at McKay 11:00

RT White Vs RT Red 9:00 at SSHS

5/6 Red VS 5/6 Stayton/Emmert at SSHS 11:00


No games at South due to HS game Vs Grants Pass

RT Blue Vs McKay /Gelini at Salem Academy 9:00

5/6 Red Vs McNary/McKenna at Salem Academy 11:00

RT White Vs Silverton/Vandeweghe at Silverton 9:00

5/6 Blue bye to week 9

RT Red VS McNary/Broyles at Stayton 9:00


5/6 Blue Vs McNary/McKenna at McNary 11:00 Time Change!

RT Red Vs West/Powers at SSHS 9:00

RT Blue VS RT White at SSHS 9:00

5/6 Red VS 5/6 Silverton/Waples at SSHS 11:00


RT White VS McKay/Gelini at McKay 9:00

5/6 Red Vs McKay/Cendejas at McKay 11:00

RT Red vs Silverton/Risen at SSHS 9:00

RT Blue Vs Silverton/McCants at SSHS 9:00

5/6 Blue VS Sprague/Sorenson at SSHS 11:00

Flag games to follow 1:00


RT Blue VS West/Powers at McNary 9:00

RT Red Vs Silverton/Vandeweghe at SSHS 9:00

RT White Vs McNary/Maskal at SSHS 9:00

5/6 Red VS 5/6 Blue at SSHS 11:00


RT Red vs McNary/Maskal at SSHS 9:00

RT Blue vs McNary/Broyles at SSHS 9:00

5/6 Red Vs McNary/Hill at SSHS 11:00

5/6 Blue Vs Silverton/Welch at SSHS 1:00

RT White Vs Silverton/McCants at Silverton 9:00


RT Blue Vs McKay/Newton at McKay 9:00

5/6 Blue Vs 5/6 McKay/Cendejas at McKay 11:00

RT Red Vs Silverton/MCants at Silverton 9:00

RT White Vs Silverton /Risen at Silverton 9:00

5/6 Red Vs Wes/Kenny at SSHS at 9:00


RT White Vs McKay/Newton at SSHS 9:00

RT Red Vs McKay/Gelini at SSHS 9:00

5/6 Blue Vs Salem Academy/Rodriguez at SSHS 11:00

RT Blue Vs West/Yeaney at West 9:00

5/6 Red Bye to week 9


5/6 Red Vs Sprague/Sorenson at Sprague 12:00

5/6 Blue Vs West/Kenny at West 9:00

Flag Schedule


Coach Jull Saxon Red

Coach Johnson Saxon Blue

9/10 @ Amity HS

Saxon Red Vs McKay       9:00        Field 4

Saxon Blue Vs West         10:00     Field 1

9/17 @ McKay HS

Saxon Red Vs Saxon Blue 10:00   Field 4

9/24 @ McNary HS

Saxon Red Vs Sprague    1:00       Field 4

Saxon Blue Vs Mckay      2:00        Field 3

10/1 @ South Salem HS

Saxon Red Vs Sprague    2:00        Field 2

Saxon Blue VS McNary   1:00        Field 3

10/8 @ Sprague HS

Saxon Red Vs McNary    10:00     Field 3

Saxon Blue Vs Sprague   9:00        Field 2

10/15 @ McNary HS

Saxon Red Vs McKay       9:00        Field 3

Saxon Blue Vs Sprague   9:00        Field 2

10/22 @ Amity HS

Saxon Red VS West         9:00        Field 2

Saxon Blue Vs McNary   10:00     Field 4

10/29 @ Salem Academy

Saxon Red Vs West          10:00     Field 1

Saxon Blue vs McKay      10:00     Field 4                  

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The TVYFL is a non-profit football club, whose goal is to provide safe and enjoyable athletic competition. Good sportsmanship, fun developing student athletes and individual growth are our main goals.

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